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ARCADIA VALLEY GOATS is located in Southeast Missouri in beautiful Arcadia Valley on 800 acres near the small town of Ironton, Missouri. I have been striving for years to improve the Kiko genetics in my large goat herd and have been breeding BEST to BEST whenever possible to increase the number of super hardy, low maintenance, fast growing goats that every goat rancher wants. One look at my lineup of Bucks and Does will convince you that I have achieved my goals. Please come and take a look.
Welcome! Darin Montgomery

We usually use about 10 to 12 Purebred Bucks each breeding season and also use frozen straws of superior New Zealand Bucks from both old Kiko herd sires and NEW improved Kiko genetic lines straight from New Zealand. A very broad genetic base in our herd has allowed us to select replacement bucks and does that are superior to their ancestors, and allow us to sell unrelated starter herds to folks getting into the Kiko goat business.
 We RARELY feed our Kiko goats grain or bagged feed. Most of these bucks have grown well on forage only, and most of that forage is low quality grass pasture. The goats live without shelters and struggle through the Missouri Winters. These goats are survivors that can get it done without babysitting. If you take goats from this type of survival environment and take care of them better than I do, they will certainly flourish for you.
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Kikos have super maternal traits,
and the
ability to
thrive on
less than
most breeds of goats.

Bullet and some of his boys

"BULLET" "The big man"!